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Floral Stylist. Artistic Director. Event Designer & Teacher. 


I genuinely believe that selecting your wedding florist is one of the most critical decisions in the entire planning process. 

Your florals will bring the whole day come together; they will set the mood, bring joy, evoke beauty and truly reflect your overall style. I believe that flowers should be an everyday part of life. From celebrations to sympathy to simply thanking someone, flowers are a must for everyone. 


I'm influenced by Seasons, Textures, Gardens, and Art.


I started designing tablescapes at the age of 6. I would cut flowers from the yard and gather branches and leaves while filling the table with dainty accents and decor and "VOILÀ"!! 

It is my fondest memory growing up, and to this day, designing tablescapes is my favorite thing to do. 


Prior to my floristry journey, I studied Music and received my BA in Vocal Performance. Although I loved performing Opera and teaching music, my heart was elated with the art of flowers. Like Music, Floristry is a form of Art. 

I see my designs as "Musically Inspired Arrangements," with continuously flowing lines, patterns that gracefully come together, colorful notes, and rich tones playing different parts yet composing a final masterpiece. 


Storytelling is an integral part of my designs, and I would be honored to tell your story through design. 

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I have 3 little flowers. Melody Zia, Enoch and Silas. Most of my inspiration comes from them. They are joyful, vibrant, and FULL of energy. They are a big part of the reason why I design. 

My Love, Farshad, is probably the most remarkable person I have ever met. His support and encouragement are demonstrated each and every day, from delivering, cleaning buckets, breaking boxes, and watching our kiddos; he is behind the scenes every day and humbly holds our family and this little business together. 

My most eminent source of inspiration comes ultimately from God. I'm completely in awe of the gifts He generously distributes to us all, and I'm a firm believer in giving all glory to Him. 

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